As the holiday season begins, many dealers will be holding their highest levels of caravan and motorhome stock in the hopes of a busy early summer period.

At the annual insurance review levels of stock will be discussed and agreed but as every dealer knows, this can be very hard to predict, especially at these busy times. This can lead to dealers either being underinsured due to more stock than predicted or having to give their broker constant updates as the stock levels fluctuate.

This is something the Dealerguard policy has taken into account as part of its bespoke approach to caravan and motorhome dealer insurance. For four chosen months of the year, the Dealerguard policy will provide cover for an additional 30% on top of the declared stock figure – for no extra charge! This gives our dealers the piece of mind that they can increase stock levels as and when they need to during their busiest times without the headache or additional premiums of insurance adjustments.

This is just one of the great benefits of the Dealerguard policy, to see how we can improve your insurance arrangements please contact one of the Dealerguard team, today.