For all holiday parks maintaining a neat and tidy park environment is essential.  It is important to make sure your park maintenance equipment is up to scratch so you can look after your park properly and safely. 

All operators of site maintenance equipment must have the following paperwork in-place in order to comply with current health and safety legislation and insurance requirements:

  • A specific risk assessment for each piece of site maintenance equipment that has been reviewed by all users and has a completed counter-signature to confirm understanding and acceptance of the risk control measures required to operate the equipment safely;
  • Formal inspection records should be kept for each piece of site maintenance equipment (weekly if used all the time and monthly if used on a less frequent basis) – these inspections should only be undertaken by someone who knows how to correctly use the equipment and understands the safety features which should be in correct working order;
  • Records of regular maintenance and service are required for each piece of site maintenance equipment – this can either be carried out in-house (by a suitably competent person) or through a third-party company

Failing to carry out risk assessments carries expensive and detrimental consequences, an old but still very relevant example from 2008 highlights this. A council employee fell from a ride-on mower onto a park bench, breaking two ribs and suffering a compressed lung. He was forced to stay off work for 11 weeks. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) successfully prosecuted his employer. As a result, the employer was fined a total of £14,000, plus £3,000 compensation to the injured person, and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £18,530.31 by Cheltenham Magistrates.

The magistrates heard that the council failed to carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment for cutting the grass with the ride-on mower. The slope that the employee was working on was too steep for the machine he was using, according to manufacturer’s guidelines. The employee had also not received enough information or instruction and there had been previous incidents that should have made the council take action to improve safety while using ride-on mowers. Choosing the right equipment for the job is crucial.

The HSE has developed a check list to enable workplaces to score their environment out of ten.  The checklist also provides guidance for maintaining equipment and creating a safe working environment.

As part of our Holiday Park Health and Safety Management System we provide all the necessary paperwork as required and we also undertake the specific risk assessments so that it can be clearly demonstrated they were undertaken by a ‘competent person’. The time required to undertake this service will vary from site to site.