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We undertake the role of Specialist CDM Consultant under CDM2015; working on behalf of Clients and Principal Designers.

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Risk Management Consultant

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Why Wilby?

We offer additional value by co-ordinating, managing and integrating the role of Specialist CDM Consultant with our services in the areas of Health, Safety and Environment. Under CDM2015, the CDM Consultant’s primary function is to act as the client’s key project adviser in respect of construction health and safety risk management and to manage the flow of health and safety information between clients, designers and contractors.
The following are the standard services provided when we are appointed as Specialist CDM Consultant: 
  • Advise the Client and Principal Designer on their duties under CDM2015; 
  • Ensure the Client and Principal Designer has adequate management arrangements in place or we can prepare suitable arrangements for review with the Client; 
  • Check the competence and resources of the Designers and report findings to the Client; 
  • Notify the Health and Safety Executive of the project, and continue to do so as further information becomes available; 
  • Review any existing Health and Safety File, asbestos surveys and report, structural report, geotechnical report, contamination report etc.; 
  • Visit site to undertake site appraisal and determine if additional surveys etc. are required; 
  • Obtain and review the information required from the Client for the Principal Designer / other Designers and the Principal Contractor; 
  • Ensure cooperation between Designers through attendance at Design Team Meetings; 
  • Check that all Designers eliminate or reduce construction risks as reasonably practicable; 
  • Work with the Principal Designer to produce the Design Risk Management Register and Workplace ‘In-Use’ Register; 
  • Prepare Pre-Construction Information for prospective Principal Contractors; 
  • Check competence and resources of Contractors who are to tender for the project and report findings to the Client; 
  • Check suitability of the Principal Contractor’s Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan and report to the Client;
  • Liaise with the Client, Designers and Contractors on the Health and Safety Executive’s requirements; 
  • Ensure ongoing cooperation between Designers during the construction phase and ensure they eliminate or reduce construction works as far as is reasonably practicable; 
  • Obtain necessary information to produce, or oversee the production of, the Health and Safety File and hand the completed document to the Client at project completion.

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Mark Weeks Mark Weeks

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