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One area where we specialise is the coaching and mentoring of Designers and Contractors – something we have been doing for some years now.

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What Wilby Offer

The approach we take is to first undertake a thorough review of your procedures and systems to understand how compliant you are with CDM 2015. This will normally be by visiting your offices and spending time with you and your staff. Following this review, we will put together a specific package that suits your needs. Typically, this will include training and preparation of compliant procedures that are specific to your company.
Once we have reviewed this package with you we will then agree a programme to deliver these services to ensure it results in you becoming compliant with your duties. Throughout this whole process we will provide you with a dedicated team and lead consultant who will be your single point of contact and will oversee the service delivery. This ensures that you get consistent high-quality coaching and mentoring and do not feel like you are being passed from specialist to specialist with nothing to gel the process together.
Kevin Barrett Kevin Barrett

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